Closure of Lutheran High School La Verne

Announcement for Lutheran High closure 2023

For 50 years, Lutheran High, La Verne has served the community by providing a safe place for students to grow academically and develop their leadership potential. Students receive the same academic training as others but within a Christian world view. The staff and faculty provide a loving and caring environment for growth.

Since 2000, enrollment has been in a steady decline. As a result, finances have been tight. The school was hit hard by the 2008 recession and the Covid lockdown 2020. Attempts were made to forestall the decline by enlisting the help of marketing groups, like Grace Group. Five key pillars were identified necessary for enrollment growth. Despite cuts, marketing plans, changes in leadership, assistance from the District and Association churches, the decline was never reversed.

In 2023, LHSLV faced foreclosure. The Pacific Southwest District office offered to partner with us to assist. With their financial support LHSLV was able to become current in all bills. They also paid for a third-party firm to evaluate LHSLV for viability as an ongoing ministry. NextEd, a consulting firm consisting of some of the leaders of the nation’s highest performing Christian high schools, was chosen. For the past several months, NextEd had been evaluating the teaching, financial, leadership and marketing plans of LHSLV. Unfortunately, given the serious financial, leadership and competitive challenges the study identified, NextEd could not foresee a path to viability. The PSD District board of directors was advised to close the school. After reviewing the study, the Board of Directors of the PSD decided to recommend to the LHSLV board of directors that the school close at the end of the 2022/23 school year. On June 6, representatives from the Association churches met and unanimously agreed to proceed with the PSD recommendation to dissolve the association and close Lutheran High school.

Out of Christian love and concern for the staff, faculty and students of LHSLV, the PSD will take on the financial and physical encumbrance of the closing of the school. They will assist in providing for the needs of our staff and families in ways the LHSLV board would not be able to do on their own.

Please keep faculty, staff and families of Lutheran High in your prayers.

Rev. Dr. Mason Okubo
Faith Lutheran High School Association