​The Senior Project acts as a demonstration of life and work skills. All seniors write a research paper, complete a project and portfolio, and speak at Senior Panels. By engaging in research, completing a project and portfolio, and speaking to a panel of judges, students demonstrate adequate skills in reading, writing, and speaking. All seniors must successfully complete all phases of The Senior Project in order to participate in graduation exercises. If a student fails to pass the project and does not participate in graduation exercises, he/she will be required to successfully complete the project before receiving a diploma. Lutheran High School's diploma becomes a benchmark for knowledge and ability.

For further details see: Senior Project


The Lutheran High School ASB consists of elected ASB officers, elected class officers, and several commissioner positions appointed by the ASB Advisor to provide leadership in a particular area at LHS. ASB responsibilities include promoting a positive and inclusive school climate and culture and serving as a liaison between the student body and the school leadership. By the end of this year long course, ASB students will have enhanced knowledge and skills in: planning and implementing school activities, group dynamics, self and team leadership, effective written communication, and effective verbal communication.


This block of time is designated for students to have One to One Mentorship with Supervising Teachers and Peer Tutors. This is meant to track student progress, manage student workload, and offer additional support to individual students who need help with missing or current homework. This time also enhances the student’s academic preparedness in the areas of Study Skills, PSAT Prep, SAT Prep and general College Preparation. Additionally, students will be compiling Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR) Portfolios, in order to support each student as a whole learner.