10 Units Required


CSU/UC Approved (“g”)

This course engages the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical engineering in an autoCAD (Computer assisted drafting) environment. Students interested in a career in the engineering field will gain great insight and exposure to what goes on in the engineering field.

Prerequisite: Algebra I or Integrated Math I


CSU/UC Approved (“g”)

This course will involve the actual writing of "code" which is the driver behind everything we see in today's technology from complex websites, social media and control systems that monitor and drive machinery and medical care systems in the manufacturing world and medical fields.

Prerequisite: Algebra I or Integrated Math I


CSU/UC Approved (“f”)

Through the mastery of this course, students will learn preparation of original art, typography, page layout, elements of art, principles of design, computer design methods, and the historical and cultural background of graphic design and printing. This course is designed to also allow students to gain a basic understanding of Photoshop. Prerequisite: Students must have a passing grade in Art I or a preliminary art course.


Industrious Arts will allow students to explore art forms outside traditional Fine Arts. These may include mosaics, enameling, sewing, jewelry making, paper mache, wire and metalwork.


CSU/UC Approved (“g”)

The Yearbook course has been designed to provide students with the journalism skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Actual work results in the current volume of the school’s yearbook. This project-based course is designed to provide practical, specific journalistic experiences with the main, end result the production of a professional yearbook. The course goals focus on the expository aspect of the reading and reporting (oral and written), extensive practice in writing that goes through a thorough editing and revision process as well as substantial reading of expository sources and other materials that develop imperative skills and rigorous training on written themes including body copy, interviewing, captions and headlines, and visuals including photography and designing layouts.

This class is run like a small business and staff members must demonstrate a high level of responsibility, maturity, and organization. Students will learn all facets of publishing, including reporting, writing, editing, photography, graphic design, layout, advertising, distribution, leadership skills, and the importance of teamwork. Members are expected to assume the responsibilities and self-discipline necessary to contribute to the success of such an organization. Students deal with and learn to understand the ethical dimensions of life while they search for information and gain a respect and understanding of the viewpoint’s others hold. Student will need to evaluate information and convey intricate or multifaceted information to the student body. Yearbook teaches real-world skills such as, meeting deadlines, teamwork, working with advanced and professional technology, communication skills, and independent thinking skills.​