5 units required per semester in attendanc

THEOLOGY I: Old Testament

This course will be taught in concordance with the Bible and other Christian literature. The focus of the class will be the major themes, stories, doctrine, people, and lessons found in the Old Testament. Time will be spent daily in the Word of God, in order to study Scripture and apply it to life.​

THEOLOGY II: New Testament and their exhortations

New Testament and their exhortations will focus on Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection, the authors of the New Testament, the formation and dispensation of the early Christian church and time spent daily in the Word of God in order to study Scripture and apply it to life.


Doctrine is designed to provide students with a foundational knowledge of the major doctrines of the Christian Faith held to be universal and as articulated in the Lutheran tradition. While recognizing there are differences in doctrines among Christians, the core universal beliefs are stressed. In areas of difference, effort is made to look at perspectives objectively and encourage students to work individually with parents to establish their view.​

THEOLOGY IV: Christian Ethics and Living

Christian Ethics and Living will work to engage Scripture and our current cultural norms in a thought-provoking challenge, leading one to comprehend the difficulties that exist in the modern era’s approach to applying theology in regular discourse, and encouraging students to think about truth as it relates to our normal living today. Our approach will focus on Scripture, the church’s doctrines, how to determine truth for some difficult conversations, how we can further discuss implementing the concerns of Holy Scripture, and how to winsomely encourage faith in our time through the Law and Gospel of God’s clear Word.​