20 Units Required


CSU/UC Approved (“e”)

This course is designed to provide the students with the skills they need to communicate, understand, and interpret written and spoken Spanish. Basic grammar will be taught, as well as practices and perspectives of the Spanish culture.


This is a first level world language course usually offered to freshmen through junior students. During this course, basic vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and conversational skills are the major components. An adequate ability in language learning and grammar studies is recommended. The student will also learn the geography and the way of life in Hispanic countries.


CSU/UC Approved (“e”)

This course provides a review and continued usage of the present tense verb conjugations. The preterit and imperfect past tense conjugations will be learned and incorporated into usage in proper situations. In addition, the future and conditional tenses will be learned. Grammar structures learned in Spanish I will be reviewed and new grammar will be learned; i.e. comparative and superlative adjective forms, adverb formation, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. Vocabulary is an integral part of Spanish II.

​Prerequisite: Students must have a passing grade in Spanish I.


CSU/UC Approved (“b”)

This course is a continuation of Spanish I, and it will advance previously learned concepts and ideas, as well as introduce new ones.  The two past tenses of Spanish will be a primary focus, as well as the future tense.  More verbal and written production of language will be expected, and students will be required to make portfolios, personal dictionaries, graphic organizers and journals.  Students will also be required to work in a group setting with a great deal of time spent creating and functioning in a pretend "familia."  Television programming, music, games and authentic materials will again be used to enhance learning.
Prerequisite: Students must have a “B” or higher in Spanish I.


CSU/UC Approved (“e”)

This course is designed to serve as a review of the concepts learned in the previous year’s language studies. This review, however, is not simply repetition, re-entry or recycling. Each review allows students to expand to new levels of achievement, so that their language becomes more refined, more elaborate, and more complex. Students go beyond talking about themselves to talking about important ideas that affect them, their society, and their world.

​Prerequisite: Students must have a passing grade in Spanish II.


CSU/UC Approved (“e”)

This higher level course includes all subjects as well as focusing on literary analysis. Students use Spanish to access information in other subject areas and to compare and contrast cultural elements of countries where Spanish is spoken with their own. Spanish is used exclusively in all classroom interactions and instruction.

​Prerequisite: Students must have a “B” or higher in Spanish II.


CSU/UC Approved (“e”)

This course is designed to provide students with the skills they need to continue discovering, learning, and using the Spanish language in meaningful, creative, and engaging contexts.  Readings will be used to develop the student’s proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Grammar will be taught not as an end itself, but rather as a tool for communication.

Prerequisite: Students must have a passing grade in Spanish III.



The content of this course includes the achievement of competence in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing, as measured by the required Advanced Placement Language examination. The course is taught entirely in Spanish. The student is expected to write frequent compositions and to make formal oral presentations in class. The principal literary emphasis is on the modern Hispanic short story.

Prerequisites: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, or Spanish for Spanish Speakers (when offered) with a grade of B or better, and permission of the Head of the Department and teacher recommendation.