Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are the connection between what the students are learning and how they are living. Throughout ESLRs students demonstrate faith, their interaction as a citizen, how they manage their talents, and how they are continually growing as reflected through assignments (i.e. tests, quizzes, projects, and journals) recorded in the student's academic portfolio.



  1. Glorifying God by sharing His love in word and deed.
  2. Discerning the meaning of Scripture and applying it to their lives.
  3. Sharing the gospel message of salvation through Christ crucified.

Christian Citizenship

  1. Practicing self-discipline and Christian ethics in their social and professional environments.
  2. Serving the needs of others through active participation in their communities.
  3. Expressing an attitude of positive conflict resolution.
  4. Exhibiting civic responsibility and global awareness.
  5. Showing integrity.

Good Stewardship of Gods Gifts

  1. Sharing all that has been given to them, both spiritually and materially.
  2. Respecting and caring for all things which God has created.
  3. Using academic, artistic and creative expression, and athletic abilities productively.
  4. Displaying economic and financial literacy and responsibility.

Preparedness For a Productive Life

  1. Acquiring and applying knowledge, skills and concepts from a wide range of areas to real life situations.
  2. Evaluating and using various information sources, including those of a technical nature, to accomplish specific tasks.
  3. Developing problem solving skills which allow them to evaluate problems from multiple perspectives, and identifying appropriate, rational solutions to address these problems.
  4. Employing self-direction, accountability and adaptability in setting and managing goals.
  5. Articulating and communicating ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of contexts.